What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

A dietitian is a university-qualified, (generally 4 years), health professional trained to provide the latest scientifically based nutrition advice. The title, ‘nutritionist’, can apply to a qualified nutrition scientist or a self-professed ‘nutrition adviser’ who may have variable or questionable qualifications.

Dietitians will not judge you or shame you for food choices but will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Accredited Sports Dietitians must complete the course at the Australian Institute of Sport and demonstrate experience in the working with athletes over a two year period. Continuing professional development is part of maintaining accreditation so you can be sure you are getting the most up to date treatment options!

How much does a session cost?

Initial appointment with Fiona Mann – 1 hr $250* (includes Skinfolds if required)

Review appointment with Fiona Mann– 30 mins $105

Initial appointment with Sylvia Pfeffer – 1 hr $195* (includes Skinfolds if required)

Review appointment with Sylvia Pfeffer– 30 mins $105

Medicare Plan – $90 each appointment (generally 30 minutes) and rebate available via Medicare, please advise clinic when booking.

*comprehensive individually tailored meal plans additional, price dependant on complexity

Appointments are available at our Herston clinic or via phone or Zoom. To book appointments at Herston please call 07 3831 1908,  for Virtual Appointments please send us a message directly via the contact page.
All appointments claimable through health funds, depending on your individual level of cover.

Cancellation Policy

All attendances with Food & Movement are regarded as clinical appointments. We do our best to be on-time with your appointment & request that you do the same. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please reschedule it as soon as possible, as we do keep a wait list for those clients keen to come in earlier (this may be you one day!) Failure to advise us of your inability to attend at least 24hrs prior to the appointment time will result in the full consultation fee. Exceptional circumstances will of course be given due consideration.

Food & Movement does not facilitate accounts, and payment for all services is expected on the day of your appointment. Those clients on Team Care Arrangements from their General Practitioners are also to pay upfront for their session; claiming the rebate from Medicare after the sessions is your responsibility. We regret that bulk billing is unavailable.

What does ‘APD’ stand for and what does it mean?

‘APD’ means Accredited Practising Dietitian. To be an APD, a dietitian must be a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia and undertake a certain number of hours of continuing professional development annually to maintain their APD status. APDs are dietitians who have made a commitment to keeping up-to- date with the latest research and to maintaining high practice

APDs are bound by the DAA’s, (Dietitians Association of Australia), Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics.

At F&M we are both APDs and Accredited Sports Dietitians so you can be sure you are obtaining advice from a university and sports qualified professionals … the Australian Gold Standard in nutritional advice!

What do you specialise in?

As all of our dietitians are APDs, we provide specialist knowledge and advice in diet and nutrition, including:

  • Sports nutrition (all levels and ages)
  •  Weight loss management or lean muscle gain
  •  Disordered eating
  •  Heart health including cholesterol reduction and high blood pressure
  •  General healthy eating & Energy and vitality
  •  Digestive health including IBS, Coeliac disease
  •  Food intolerance and allergies
  •  Women’s health including amenorrhea, pregnancy and menopause
  •  Vegetarian and vegan eating

One of the benefits of seeing an F&M dietitian is that our advice is evidence based, we work together in a practical, realistic manner with the client to ensure their needs are met.

How long are the sessions?

Your first session will be around 55 minutes. It may seem a long first consult but we feel it is important to really understand our clients and any training /health/weight control/food intolerance or other any other eating related goals are completely understood when we are compiling nutrition plans. We aim to fit in with your lifestyle; so if you eat your breakfast in the car between training/school drop off we need to find solutions that work! In that time we can take skinfolds, (if they are required), and following this clients will receive a nutrition plan within a few days.

A review is generally 25 minutes, two weeks after our first session, where we reassess our original nutrition plans and make any adjustments required to help our clients in reaching their goals.

How many times will I need to come in?

It is a difficult question to give a definitive answer as everyone has different needs and responds in an individual manner to treatment. Usually a 2 week follow up is required to assess how a client is responding to any negotiated strategies as well as how those strategies are suiting a client’s lifestyle and/or training requirements. At this session any tweaks will be made to ensure goals are achieved.

An example may be a marathon runner or other athlete with a race goal in mind where we need to implement training nutrition and race strategies which may take 4 + visits or food intolerance or disordered eating clients which may take an initial visit plus 4-6 visits over a longer period to ensure we have achieved your goals. At F&M we have successful weight loss clients who continue to check in every 4-6 weeks to maintain motivation and accountability over longer periods as well as adolescent athletes we have worked with over several years throughout their growth cycles to ensure they achieve their sporting goals and potential!

Please feel free to discuss this on your first appointment.

How much of a refund do I get back from my health fund or from Medicare?

Rebates from private health insurers are available for consultations with an APD. The best way to find out how much rebate you are entitled to is to check with your private health fund directly. We operate HICAPS so you can claim your consult in the clinic on the day!

Rebates for dietetic services are also available from Medicare for clients who have chronic illnesses and other particular medical conditions that are eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan. Please check with your GP directly to see if you qualify. We do not Bulk Bill, however patients on an EPC will receive the slightly higher Medicare rebate post consult from Medicare directly.

You do not need a referral to see an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

What should I bring?

We gather a lot of information from you in the consultation, however if you have any recent blood tests, a specific training schedule or current nutrition plan you have been following please bring them with you!