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The Final Five – It always starts innocently enough

The Final Five

It always starts innocently enough, I am at dinner, a checkout, in a cab and someone asks me what I do and after I tell them the first thing they often say is “Hey! any tips for dropping the last five kilos?”

Generally, a story ensues and I end up “working” wherever I happen to be! Luckily, I love my job and I love helping people and most people who ask you are genuinely ready to listen.

So here are my top three tips I have seen help people to maintain or achieve a goal body composition or weight… (I caveat this with the fact that everyone is individual and for the best individual care please do see an Accredited Practising Dietitian).

  1. Be mindful… many years ago a good friend and fellow sports dietitian gave me a book to read called Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink. It still resonates with me today. Essentially, he encourages people to think about what they are putting in their mouth at all times. It’s too easy to pick up the leftovers on the kid’s plates because you don’t want to waste them, grab a handful of lollies from a colleague’s jar as you walk past or sit in front of the television and have chocolate/chips or a snack on your lap and before you know it you have hoovered half a packet of Tim Tams…. sound familiar?

Being conscious of what you put in your mouth is important and it will often make you think “am I really hungry?”  and make a conscious choice to not eat it. Keeping a food diary is also a great help as if you have to write it down it does make you think twice about it!

  1. Stay Hydrated… Sometimes when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty… yes honestly! Give it a try, I guarantee that often you will be satisfied with a glass of water or a cup of tea or mineral water.


  1. FREE! Veggies and Salad: I call these “free” they are low calorie and fill you up… so your plate should have half of the surface area covered with these colourful additions! They are high in vitamins and fibre and actually taste pretty good. So, follow the half a plate rule of thumb and you will see a difference in not only your belt buckle but as a bonus you will feel great too!


  1. Ok I said three but here is another one… MOVE! Move as much as you can… walk up stairs a bit quicker, do the shopping with a bit more vigour, walk whenever you can. We all sit down too much and moving will help you maintain weight, feel better and maybe, just maybe, even burn up some energy to shift the “final five”.

It sounds pretty obvious laid out like that doesn’t it? Hopefully they are obvious enough to be easy to implement, even just one of them.

Given I have answered that question, from now on when someone asks what I do for a job the world is my oyster… I can say I do something completely different, like drive a bus, or a florist, or a fighter jet pilot…!